Tucker Huggins & Associates


Tucker-Huggins & Associates, PLLC is a multi-specialty, counseling/mental health group. While we are best known for a focus on innovative and collaborative approaches to addressing family issues, we also provide individual, group, and couples counseling services.

As the needs of our clients and community have continued to grow over recent years, we too have redefined our approach in meeting those needs. To accomplish this, Laura has been intentional in the development of a clinical team of providers that share her level of passion in the delivery of effective, evidence-based, and comprehensive care for each individual and family that enters our doors.

Our Values.

We offer a distinctly Christian perspective and find that our clients experience enhanced results when therapy is built on the foundation of Biblical truths. We also understand that not everyone shares our beliefs and respect our client’s differing values. We strive to provide a calm and safe therapeutic environment that promotes comfort and trust. We encourage clients to explore any area of their thoughts, emotions, or behavior, with the assurance of confidentiality and without fear of judgment or repercussion. Clients are empowered with new tools to assist in making healthy decisions, resolving challenges, and improving relationships.

We would be honored to partner with you in your journey.


At THA, we offer a multi-clinician approach in which therapists work with individuals in a family unit then collaborate through clinical team meetings to achieve the best possible outcomes for all family members. Parenting Coordination and Mediation are additional services that prove beneficial with changing family dynamics.

Meet the Team.

Laura Tucker-Huggins


Amanda Leanhan

Bridgette Boyle-Davenport


Office Manager